Thermal Treatment – Desorption Services

IESC is employing a High Temperature Thermal Desorption Unit for the treatment of oil drilling cuttings, petroleum contaminated soil, dry oily sludge, and similar wastes.  The IESC Thermal Desorption treatment facility is the only licensed methodology in Cyprus for the treatment of oil drilling cuttings and mud. TDU is a non-oxidizing process to vaporize volatiles and semi volatiles through the application of heat.

The treatment efficiency is related to the volatility of the contaminants thus, light hydrocarbons, aromatics and other volatile organics are removed at low temperatures (between 250°C and 350°C), while heavier compounds, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, require higher temperatures (up to 520°C ).

The process creates secondary waste streams including solids, water, condensates, and oil condensates, each of which may require analysis to determine the best recycle/disposal option.  Solids are tested for hydrocarbon content and other parameters such as heavy metals and salt content in order to identify the need for further treatment before final disposal.

The soil is disposed either in a permitted waste disposal site, or is provided as a raw material in the production of cement. Water and Oil are separated and then delivered to licensed facilities.

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