Oil Mud, Cuttings and Liquid Sludge Services

IESC employs a high performance decanter centrifuge for the separation processes of:

  • Oil mud and drilling cuttings
  • Oily residues – slop oils and sludge
  • BS & W storage tank bottoms
  • API separator sludge

Vertical Cuttings Dryer

The Vertical Cuttings Dryer (V.C.D.) is used to pre-treat oil base cuttings and reduce the oil content to 5%, prior to T.D.U. treatment.

Waste Centrifuge Decanter

The Waste Centrifuge Decanter (W.C.D.) is designed to process liquid sludge, drilling fluids as well as oil and water based muds. The system uses mechanical energy to increase the gravitational force exerted on the processing wastes up to 3000G, which separates the solids from the liquid.

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