Medical Waste

The collection and proper disposal of medical wastes is one of the basic challenges that both the public and the private sectors in the medical industry are facing. Medical wastes require absolution hygiene measures in the collection, transportation and disposal process, in order to protect the producer, and the environment.

Our modern facility handles processing and treatment of medical wastes according to the strict European Standards and regulations.

Our specialized and highly trained personnel collects medical wastes, including liquid and solid toxic wastes as well as infectious material. The waste is transported in specialized equipped freezer vans and vehicles according to the ADR legislations.

Our facility uses steam sterilization to disinfect all the infectious material collected.

Liquid and solid Toxic Waste including pharmaceutical wastes, cytotoxic wastes, amalgam etc is treated in our licensed facility utilizing Wet Air Oxidation.

The Wet Air Oxidation Unit

IESC through its associate Advance MWM Ltd, will be commissioning a new Wet Air Oxidation (WAO) unit capable of handling 1000lt/hr of high COD liquid wastes.

The WAO unit operates at very high temperatures and pressures, and completely destroys any organic material present in the treated liquid.

WAO is used to destroy medicines, organic wastes that are not suitable for other treatments, and other organic toxic materials.

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